Every human being should plant as many trees as possible for a cleaner Environment - Preeti Singh

Date: 20 May 2021
Amrish Kumar Anand, Doraha
"Every human being should plant as many trees as possible for the cleanliness of the environment,"Said Madam Preeti Singh, a Prominent Social Activist and a Teacher in an exclusive interview with the press today. We are putting masks on our faces to prevent the spread of the disease so we should also understand that we should take care of our environment,We do not take care of the oxygenated trees and the time is not far away when many respiratory diseases can spread in our society, so we should think for a cleaner environment from now on. She also appealed to the people to make their children aware of the need for a good environment. She also appealed to the people to plant green fruit trees in their homes and parks to keep the environment clean.Madam Preeti Singh said that due to polluted environment today's man is in the grip of terrible diseases.We must not only plant trees but also take care of them like our own children. She said that we should be able to clean the badly polluted environment and contribute in the service of many creatures, animals and human beings.

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