Date: 03 August 2019

Reclassify the Indian society into


New India Group President Virender Baudh

International groups


Declared to end Castism on 15 th August 2019. 12:00:01 hours of the day means after 12 midnight on 14 th August 2019.

They declare that on this preselected predecided time only the following classification of the Indian society will be used in day-to-day practice.

The words will cease from use :

Dalit, Harijan, lower Caste, Shudras

Swarn, Upper Cast, Kshatriyas, Brahmanas, Vaishya.

The scriptural meanings of this classification is detrimental to the society, state, culture, spirit and development of India. That is for urgent importance in the current circumstances when India has to compete with the whole world. Along with castism and fragmentism India is not going forward in this 21st century. Today whole world is opening up to the principles of equality and humanity, while India is indulged in the matters related with Beef (food) and Cow urine, religion and temple issues.

So only the following classifications will be in use.

Pradhan Varga (Prime Section)

The Bahujanas possessing good character of humanity, developing themselves to work for social welfare, The Vargas which are contributory as working class of Bahujanas or as a social and cultural Group.

Rest will be Bahujanas

Exploitatory Vargas will be called Durjanas

This can be seen as an attack on the DURJAN Vargas should be used for the exploitatory people in stead of Upper caste, Swarnas, etc. This needs to be done to end the unprecedented level of sufferings on Pradhanas for many centuries.

Foreign countries are going to support this reform.

Historical words like Dalit word, Swarnas etc can still be used in politics but not in the social media in the interpersonal communication.

We suggest code of conduct for Pradhan Varga, similar to Baudhists

No Alcohol

No smoking

No drugs

Reading Ot thinking once a day necessary

Looking after family, kids, parents necessary

Look after old aged , ladies

Supporting attitude


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