Tarot prediction by Aruna Aura(7January -13 January)

Date: 06 January 2021
Amrish Kumar Anand, Doraha

This week you will be in high spirits.You will do amazingly well. Abundance is pouring and you are happy within. Avoid being stubbon.Little compromise will do wonders.Spend time with nature and express what you feel within.look for the god in others they will respond back with love to you.learn to forgive.

Humility is the mantra for success this week.

Affirmation:I see the divine in you.


If you not able to find any solution ask from your masters (elders/teachers) to guide you.Elderly advice will guide you right to overcome your unhappiness. Be strong and learn to forgive as what you see is not always the truth.Speak your heart. It will help you clear misunderstandings and you will celebrate the alliance.

Affirmation:It is safe to let people recognise me for who I truly am.


You look very positive this week.Its right time to socialise,meet friend's.Dont move away from people who show love to you else you will not be able to show you real personalitiy.Focused intentions will make you shine in your work.Male energy will make you feel at ease and comfort you the most.

Affirmation:I know my unicorns are around me.


Unnecessary thoughts will surround you and the guilt here is due to overthinking.Take advice from your masters(elders/teachers) as they are willing to help you.. You need to check on your karmas.Create balance in life else you will end fighting with your own thoughts.You have the strength to overcome the problem. The answer to your problem lies in the silence.

Affirmation:I am finding time to be still and quiet today.


You need to let go the thoughts which you have been holding so tight.This possession of thoughts you need to release. Patience will bring good results as universe knows what's good for you.Be wise to people and yourself. Respect everyone.World outside the room is so pleasent.Connect with nature to improve your health.Go take some fresh air. This week you are blessed with female energy who guides you the best.

Affirmation:I act with wisdom today


It's the right time to start socialising.Make friends.Utilise your skills in the right way to bring abundance in your life.You have opportunity coming your somebody from your past life is trying to manipulate with a smiling face. Identify the people around.Diplomacy will not help. Avoid expressing your thoughts as silence will bulid your ways.Be hopeful it will bring all happiness.

Affirmation:I look for rainbows ahead


It's wonderful to celebrate with friends and family and you look happy and always in a party mood. Keep a check on your expenses. Plan your expenses else you will end borrowing.Time to change your mindset.Transform yourself and meditate.Reach out to people they will guide you to overcome your anxiety.Things will surely change you just need to be patient.Explore your creative side.

Affirmation:I will use my imagination to expand my visions.


Is it that you have been ignoring what's going within.Listen to your inner voice.Check your karmas as what all is happening right now is all your karmas.The gush of thoughts is so high that you confused and not able to create balance in your life.Dont ignore it else you will simply hurt yourself.Accept life the way it comes.It's important to stay positive and count your blessings and the good in your life will multiply.

Affirmation:I send unicorn blessings to everything and everyone today.


This week you are blessed with majesty,vision and power.What ever you will do will create benchmark.Avoid being so impatient else it will effect your partner. They might feel supressed and will turn ice-cold towards you.Recover your energies.Spend time meditating and you will be surrounded with abundance.

Affirmation:I act regally


Wow you are the king this week. This is the most beautiful time of your life.Your go getter spirit made you an achiever.Its your hard work and stop giving credit to others for your success. Spend wisely.This success is to be celebrate with your friends and loved ones.Spend sometime with mother earth to keep you grounded.Always pay gratitude for what you have and do things that keeps your soul happy

Affirmation:I act from my heart today.


Mother Mary blesssings are always with you. You have to realise beautiful things in you which you need to explore.You have been searching for few answers which are hidden in you.Stop looking out in people.Universe will handle situation in a fair manner. Transform yourself and trust people because if you dont trust is your problem not others.Mingling up with friends will uplift your mood.Your gods are around you.

Affirmation:I am open to divine blessings


It's time for celebration as your hard work has brought all abundance in your life.You will spend time celebrating,going out with friends,relatives.This party mood will imbalance your financial situation.Try to say no to few outings as savings is essential part of life.Be honest to yourself and make right choices.Right attitude will bring big, happy changes.

Affirmation: I listen to the unicorns and make wise choices today.

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