Weekly Tarot forecast by Aruna Aura(30January -6feburary)

Date: 30 January 2021
Amrish Kumar Anand, Doraha

This week bring a wave of happiness.You look so happy,calm and contend.Blessings are pouring on you.It will be good if you listen to your intuition.Your powers are at its peak so utilise it the right way and spread healing.It's going to bring you lot of joy as you serve as a light to others.Any questions poping up in your mind then meditate to get those answers.Be positive.


This week you look stable with your thoughts that usual days. It's coming your way as as you have manifested.Try avoiding targeting much.Go step by step to achieve what you want.Avoid temper.Patience and gratitude will make you star in each dimension of life.Learn to forgive and plan wisely.Time to take next step to achive what you thought of but be patient and have self-control.


You seem to be ignoring all minute details which should be considered as you in a haste to get what you have been planning and working for it lately.Dont think that you are ready to execute and overconfidence can make you land up taking wrong decisions.If you are focused you will definately stand out and become master mind of your achievements.Make a courageous choice to change your situation.Blue colour will help you.


You have been checking on you expenses keenly and not utilising where it is needed.Release what you had been holding in your thoughts.Since you have worked so much you think you know all and rather than thinking of present you are thinking of future.Live your life to the full and celebrate each moment that brings abundance in your life.

Don't be ignorant at work.Check all documents thoroughly.


You need to replan your things.This week you look balanced and calm.But there is so much going on your mind that bothers you so much.What you need to work on are the plans you had.Look into it again and plan things as per the present situation.If planning is done the right way then things will work the right way.I see relocation or travel on cards,so check your planner again.

Blue colour will help.


You seem to plan new things in life as you are not much happy with what you have.You are on a journey to achieve something new now.Check your expenses and too much of overthinking is just a cluter.This might lead to detachments and wasting energy in doing something which is not useful.Plan your resources.Time to take next step.Optimistic plans that turn out as expected.


You stand out with that abundant blessings you getting this week.You need to check your karmas because what you sow you reap.Your deeds matter alot in order to get the things in place else you will mess up things and have to redo all efforts till day.Its adviced that you change the direction of work or thoughts in order to be happy.oppurtunities coming your way this week utilise it to the full.


Team Work is the priority this week to get things done.Avoid being lazy and don't loose your metal as your power to win is at its peak this weak.Its good to communicate to avoid problems.Time to work as you are blessed with new ideas and progress.Universe is answering your prayers.


Situation is about to end which has been bothering you on and off in past days.There is so much to accomplish that it's better to move ahead in life and leave the past behind in order to enjoy the abundance as you are being watched by someone kind who is going to help you no matter what.Pink color will help.


New seem to starting a new venture or project or a relationship so it's very important that you need to show wisdom.Rational thinking and respectful behaviour will help.Stay in your Integrity.There is a situation which calls for honest and open communication in order to stand out and balance your money.If you honest then an excellent opportunity will be offered.


You will excel in all fields this week as you are blessed with all goodness that universe is bestowing on you.What you need to check on is you fluctuating thoughts.Try to balnce your emotions with meditation.Listen to good helaing music to keep you at your best.Surround yourself with wise teachers and friends.


You have been enjoying your relationships and connections you made.You think you have all and not taking step to make others feel good.Dont be mean else you will move away from your own people for no good reason.Make a courageous choice to change your situation.Bring more clearity to your thoughts.

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