Every human being should plant more and more trees for the purity of the environment - Rajinderpal Anand

Date: 18 August 2023
Amrish Kumar Anand, Doraha
Patiala, Every human being should plant more and more trees for the purity of the environment.These words were expressed while talking to the jounalist today by Sh.Rajinderpal Anand Retired Dsp punjab Police,Senior Vice-President of Shiv Sena Hindustan Punjab & Legal Advisor of Police Parivar Welfare Association Punjab regd and a Social worker from Patiala Said that Many dangerous diseases are spreading,so we should also understand that we should take care of our environment.We do not take care of the trees that give oxygen and the time is not far when many people are breathless in our society.Diseases can spread,so we should think for the cleanliness of the environment from now and should plant more trees in our homes,children's corners,neighborhoods,he also appealed to the people that their children should also be aware of good environment.He also appealed to the people to plant green and fruitful plants in their home parks so that the environment is kept clean.He said that due to the polluted environment, today's human being is in the grip of very terrible diseases Along with planting trees,we also need to take care of them like our own children.He said that we can make our contribution in cleaning the badly polluted environment and in the service of many creatures,animals and humanity.

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